3rd PhD Meeting in Plant Science

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The 3rd PhD Meeting in Plant Science (3PMPS) is an international meeting for PhD students and young postdocs that will be held in Braga (Portugal) on the 9th of July as a satellite activity of the XXV Meeting of the Spanish Society of Plant Biology / XVIII Spanish Portuguese Congress of Plant Biology (PB2023).

The 3PMPS is a biennial meeting organized by Portuguese and Spanish PhD students, with the main purpose of giving young researchers the opportunity to present their work and to create networks with other researchers in the same field of study.

This meeting is ideal for young plant researchers to present and discuss their scientific results in a relaxed environment. We believe this will lead to greater interaction and exchange of ideas between young investigators from different countries.

Selected PhD students and young postdocs are invited to give oral presentations, flash talks, or poster presentations during the meeting. All abstracts will be reviewed by a Scientific Committee (made up of early-career researchers), which will select oral presentations with the help of a senior Advisory Committee.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pmps.2023/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/3PMPS

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3PMPS/


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Organization Committee

Ana Marques

PhD student from University of Minho

Jorge Marques Da Silva

Chairperson PSPB – University of Lisbon

Mariana Rodrigues

PhD student from University of Minho

Teresa Lino Neto

Chairperson PB2023 – University of Minho

Sara Álvarez Rodríguez

PhD student from University of Vigo

Sara Coelho

PhD student from University of Minho

Yedra Vieites Álvarez

PhD student from University of Vigo

Scientific Committe

Fabrizio Araniti

Professor/Researcher from University of Milan

Rómulo Sobral

Professor/Researcher from Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Daniela Costa

Postdoc from Horticultural Development Department from Teagasc

Angélica Silva

PhD student from University of Minho

David López González

Postdoc from University of Vigo

Sara González Orenga

Postdoc from Technical University of Valencia


The 3PMPS will be divided into the following sessions:

  1. Growth and Development.
  2. Metabolism and Biochemistry.
  3. Interaction of Plants with the Environment.
  4. Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology.

For each session, up to 2 oral communications (15 min) and several flash talks (7 min) will be selected. There will also be two poster sessions. A more detailed program will be provided once oral communications and flash talks are defined.

Registration and Accommodation

The registration is open for PhD student and young postdoc (up to 2 years after finishing their PhD). The registration fee includes full day access to all programming and coffee breaks.