Teaching for Innovation

Um espaço arquitetonicamente impressionante e de grande versatilidade

Teaching for Innovation is a satellite meeting of the Iberian Plant Biology (IPB2023) for sharing experiences in teaching, in particular in student-centred active learning methodologies and technologies. This meeting is open to university lecturers and high school teachers.

Teaching for Innovation will be held in Braga (Portugal) on the 12th of July and shares the Seeds of Knowledge session with the IPB2023, which focus on the importance of communicating science to different publics. Workshops of the Teaching for Innovation meeting will focus on different strategies for teaching plant biology, involving innovative methodologies and technologies. Hands-on workshops, aimed for lecturers and/or high school teachers, will run in parallel. Each participant can attend three workshops of their choice. In addition, high school teachers will have the opportunity to become acquainted with general laboratory practices. This activity will be accredited by the Scientific-Pedagogical Council for the Continuous Training of Teachers.

Organizing Committee

Jorge Marques Da Silva

Chairperson PSPB – University of Lisbon

Teresa Lino Neto

Chairperson PB2023 – University of Minho

Óscar Oliveira

Teacher at Colégio D. Diogo de Sousa (Braga)

Rui Oliveira

Centro IDEA –University of Minho